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WizeHive Juneteenth Fund
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WizeHive Juneteenth Fund
On June 19, 1865 - a full two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued - news of the end of slavery finally reached Texas. Since then, Juneteenth, also known as Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day, has become a time to recognize and celebrate the culture, contributions, and achievements of African Americans. Early celebrations often served a dual purpose as political rallies to give voting instructions to newly freed enslaved peoples. However, in the early 20th century, economic and political forces led to a decline in Juneteenth celebrations due to state laws and amendments being passed that disenfranchised Black people and excluded them from voting, such as the Jim Crow laws. The Civil Rights Movement re-invigorated the holiday. In 2020, in the midst of several high-profile deaths of Black men at the hands of police, Juneteenth started to become more widely known and its significance particularly important. Systemic racism continues to plague the United States, and the struggle for true Black liberation continues to this day. Join WizeHive in supporting organizations that continue to work on dismantling white supremacy and eliminating systemic racism. The WizeHive Juneteenth Fund is composed of nonprofits with missions that address these complex, pervasive relics of oppression through education, policy, advocacy, and access to quality healthcare and other direct services. The composition of nonprofits in this fund is subject to change.
Parivar BayArea SITAL (Save Indian Trans AllINDIA Lives)  Fund
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Parivar BayArea SITAL (Save Indian Trans AllINDIA Lives) Fund
ParivarBayArea ( is America’s only Trans Led Trans centering Southasian Organization. Parivar celebrates the intersectionality of Trans Queer & South Asian Indian identities and builds a community of light, love, and acceptance. Since 2018, ParivarBayArea has been committed to Global Disaster Relief, Advocacy through Arts and Community Building. key achievements have been: a. Holding over 38 spaces for Queer Transgender Hijrah events and discussions across San Francisco Bay Area and virtual places. b. Building the largest relief and rehabilitation Transgender grassroots initiative in India- SITAL(Save Indian Trans ALLINDIA Lives), raising over $350,000( over 2.75 Crores INR) serving over 90,000 Trans Hijrah Kinnar Folx. c. Co-founding, Chairing the SF LGBTQ+ COVID Relief Coalition serving the needs of the LGBTQ+ communities across the Bay Area’s nine counties, raising over $200,000 to provide microgrants, groceries, rent relief and vaccinations. d. Co-founded and lead the QTAPI(Queer Trans API) coalition bringing awareness to Queer Trans Asian Pacific Islander Week holding over 15 events nationwide. e. Holding support group(Robaroo), vaccination drives, COVID testing sites, trans-affirming surgery funding in partnership with San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Alameda County Health Department, NQAPIA, TransVision(India) and many more partners. f. Launched and successfully enabled over 130 Trans Hijrah folx to rebuild livelihoods from micro enterprises as part of our SITAL livelihoods programs to achieve trans economic justice. Programs in progress include locations in India, Guyana and Bangladesh. Businesses include sewing, drinking water, cooking/hoteling, beauty salons, trans-care medical clinic and many more. g. Developed and launched, a full fledged e-commerce site showcasing products and art made, touched, finished and/or sourced by Trans Hijrah folks of the global south. h. Established the Transgender Global South Coalition with El/La Para Trans Latinas. The LGBT Aslyum Project to provide legal, socioeconomic and mental support to immigrant LGBTQ Transgender Hijrah Kinnar arriving into America.