The Coalition for the Homeless helps 3,500 people like Cheryl every day

Alleviate Poverty and Promote Economic Growth FundNew York, NY
September 04, 2012

Coalition for the Homeless, Inc.

A record 44,000 New Yorkers will sleep in emergency shelters tonight, including 18,000 kids. Cheryl and her daughters were once among them. First homeless at 17, Cheryl spent 5 years in and out of the shelter system. When her boyfriend became violent, Cheryl came to the Coalition's Crisis Intervention office. CFTH helped stabilize Cheryl and her girls, and then moved them into CFTH's Bridge Building. In addition to permanent, affordable housing, the staff at Bridge Building offered Cheryl counseling and helped her get the skills she needed to get back in the job market. After living with CFTH for just over two years and working steadily as a secretary, Cheryl found her own apartment and is moving out of the Bridge Building. The staff at CFTH are sad to see her go, but delighted that she is now able to live securely and independently for the first time in her life.

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