Asociacion Mexicana de Ayuda a Ninos con Cancer

Asociacion Mexicana de Ayuda a Ninos con Cancer

Magisterio Nacional N 100 Col. Tlalpan Centro, Del. Tlalpan, Mexico City, 14000, MX

When the Mexican Association to Help Children with Cancer was created in 1982 there was no model to follow in Mexico. Latin America was almost completely devoid of non-governmental organizations to support treatment for children with cancer.

In the early years AMANC aided treatment with anticancer drugs based on three convictions. The first refers to the right childhood cancer patients have to receive the best available treatment. The second corresponds to high survival and therapeutic success chances provided treatment is timely and effective. The third refers to lack of resources in public hospitals in Mexico, that subjects patients and their families to additional stress and enormous difficulties they must endure during long periods of cancer treatment and surveillance.

Those convictions served to define AMANC's mission "That no Mexican child or adolescent under age 20 with cancer, with limited economic resources and without access to social security, shall lack optimal support to defeat cancer."

For the past 31 years this paradigm has distinguished AMANC not only as the pioneer organization in Mexico in helping children and adolescents with cancer but also as the first to ensure that their parents and other family members also receive psychological and other services necessary to ensure that they carry through their child's treatment and subsequent medical surveillance period.

So that, our Mission is That all disadvantaged Mexican citizens under twenty years and diagnosed with cancer receive optimal and timely support during their treatment and healing and be fully integrated back into their communities. Providing patients under 20 years old, comprehensive care throughout the time that they may need it, including relapses, until recovery is achieved, helping them to renew the course of their lives through education and family health lessons to become agents for social change in their communities
Our vision is that in the medium term all children and adolescents with cancer receive quality Comprehensive Care, in a location that is as close to their homes as possible, through the AMANC SYSTEM.

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