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B-127, Malviya Nagar,, New Delhi, New Delhi, N/A, 110017, IN

Driven by the philosophy: "If a child cannot reach to the school, the school must reach the child": the organization's Mission is to "Provide comprehensive Education, nutrition, health care, skill training, mothers/women empowerment support for holistic development of less-privileged children to become responsible adults and leaders of tomorrow."
It envisions"Empowered children through exercise of Rights- education, health and dignified livelihood".
Such philosophy and visionary dream led to the voluntary action adopting a approach -in the sense - owning parental responsibilities- providing holistic support- till children become self reliant. Touching lives of children, mothers and other community members in positive ways is the Ultimate Objective.
AAROHAN's two ways strategy

Providing education to children followed by skill training to adolescents and facilitating gainful employment- improving quality of life of the family including education of younger siblings children;
Empowering adolescent girls/young mothers through awareness building, functional literacy, skill training facilitating small sustainable business enterprise- improving quality of life of the family including continued education of children.

Gender issues and counseling are at the core of all programmatic interventions.
Responding to the emerging needs of the community, particularly children and mothers (women)- programs were developed with rights based approach; adding on new verticals in Aarohan's program portfolio- every program thus having its own genesis.

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