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"Yon Jaden, Yon Fanmi" Fund


The current catastrophe in Haiti has not only added to the misery of the country, but it has also plunged the country into hell. Both urban and rural dwellers suffer from all sorts of difficulties. However, residents of remote and inaccessible areas face enormous hunger, and their children are malnourished while they have cultivable land. Amid this horrible circumstance, the staff of Haitian Support Connections, in its efforts to help the most vulnerable people in these areas of operations, is launching a "Yon Jaden, Yon Fanmi” project. This project aims to help 100 families. The goal is to provide each household with a set of beans and vegetable seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, and then provide them technical support throughout the garden cycle. It would only cost $200 to provide these benefits and services to a family. This means that with a donation of $200, a family will be able to plant and cultivate a garden which will allow the members of this family to feed themselves and also to sell part of their crops. Please, join us to support this great cause to the benefit of the most vulnerable families in Haiti.
"Yon Jaden, Yon Fanmi"  Fund

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