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Nonprofits that use technology to scale their impact. This collection is comprised of Fast Forward's accelerator alumni. All nonprofits are building tech products as nonprofits, much like Khan Academy and Wikipedia, and when successful they scale really well to impact millions of lives.

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Commonlit Inc

quickly growing platform that equips teachers with high-quality, standards-aligned digital literacy tools

Watttime Corporation

enables smart devices to prioritize energy from clean power sources


helps teachers and families connect by texting, enabling efficient, multi-lingual communication and actively engaging parents and students in the learning process

Sexual Health Innovations

it's a third-party sexual assault reporting system that gives survivors a transparent and confidential way to document and—if they choose—take action against their assailants

Nexleaf Analytics

provides wireless sensors and analytics to prevent vaccine spoilage via SMS alerts


A crowdsourced platform that connects low-income high school students to career guidance from a network of working professionals

Supporting Initiatives To Redistribute Unused Medicine-SIRUM for medicine, creating a world with zero healthcare waste by connecting the $5B of unused medicine with the populations that need it most.

One Degree

Yelp! for social services, building a discovery platform for the 1.3M Bay Area residents living in poverty trying to navigate thousands of social services.

Noora Health

Low-cost interactive patient care education platform, lowering hospital readmissions and saving lives.


Tech-enhanced personal finance mentorship for underserved teens, targeting those under 25 (America’s fastest growing group filing for bankruptcy).

Medic Mobile Inc

Mobile communication platform for remote health workers, started in a Stanford dorm room and now helping reach the 1B people who will never see a doctor in their lives.

Learn Fresh Education Co.

We improve engagement and achievement through innovative learning experiences, leveraging students’ passion points to inspire their STEM and social-emotional learning. Through our work, we explicitly strive to reach students who have historically been underrepresented in STEM fields, specifically girls, students of color, and students from low-income communities.

Tech Nonprofits Fund

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