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Taiwan Earthquake Relief Fund


A powerful 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Taiwan on April 3rd, taking the lives of at least 10 and leaving thousands more injured. This earthquake is the strongest earthquake to reach Taiwan in 25 years, leaving behind damage to infrastructure. Recovery efforts are underway, and the following nonprofits have deployed resources to Taiwan to provide relief.

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Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

Tzu Chi missions are a network of universal love. Tzu Chi works in the missions of charity, medicine, education and humanitarian with the spirit of sincerity, integrity, trust and honesty. We believe in the equality of all beings and the Buddha-nature latent in every person. Through charity, the rich can obtain blessings and joy while the poor can receive security and peace. With love, compassion, joy and selfless giving, Tzu Chi members strive to bring about the pure world of Tzu Chi through helping the needy, giving joy and eliminating suffering. We invite all people of goodwill to join us in purifying minds, pacifying the society and working towards a disaster-free world. "We should respect all life equally. We are willing to provide humanitarian assistance wherever disasters occur.

Give2 Asia

Our mission is to strengthen communities throughout Asia by building trusted networks for charitable investment. We envision healthy and prosperous communities supported by an expanded flow of philanthropy and locally-led development. Our work focuses on key issues such as healthcare, the environment, disaster preparedness and relief, and poverty alleviation. We believe that local knowledge counts: Give2Asia has a team of local staff, in-country advisors, and partners in every country where we work, ensuring projects are effective, results are transparent, and grant recipients are accountable.

Peace Winds America

To strengthen preparedness and response to natural disasters and man- made crises around the world through capacity building, coordination and collaboration among govts., militaries, NGOs and private sectors.

Taiwan Earthquake Relief Fund

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