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A fund sponsored by the Morningstar Sustainability Network, an employee resource group at Morningstar focused on engaging in our community to empower sustainable communities. These nonprofits are focused on making Chicago a cleaner city and encouraging sustainable initiatives.

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Plant Chicago NFP

Plant Chicago's mission is to cultivate local circular economies. We envision a paradigm shift of production, consumption and waste driven at the local level, generating equity and economic opportunity for all residents. Plant Chicago equips people and businesses with the tools to live more sustainably through community-driven, hands-on programs and innovative research projects. We run a circular economy network for small businesses, farmers market, provide free education programming to schools and community organizations located in our local Chicago neighborhood of Back of the Yards, and are establishing an indoor victory garden project in an old firehouse on the southwest side of Chicago.

Alliance For The Great Lakes

To protect, conserve and restore the Great Lakes ensuring healthy water in the lakes and in our communities for all generations of people and wildlife. We advance our mission as advocates for policies that support the lakes and communities, by building the research, analysis and partnerships that motivate action, and by educating and uniting people as a voice for the Great Lakes.

Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest

The Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) is the Midwest’s leading public interest environmental legal advocacy organization. We develop and lead successful strategic environmental advocacy campaigns to protect our natural resources and improve environmental quality. Our multi-disciplinary staff employs a teamwork approach using legal, economic analysis, public policy advocacy and research, and communications tools to produce successes that improve both our environment and our economy.

Delta Institute

Delta Institute works with communities throughout the Midwest to solve complex environmental challenges. We envision a region in which all communities and landscapes thrive through an integrated approach to environmental, economic, and social challenges.Delta Institute’s two primary drivers to enact environmental and economic change in our home region are centered on Thriving Communities and Landscapes. Delta Institute exists because environmental and economic issues hit communities—both urban and rural—through disinvestment, inequity, and policy decisions. We collaborate to solve legacy environmental and economic issues at the community level by focusing on the self-defined goals our partners share with us.

SUN Morningstar Fund

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