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Fundacion Intermon Oxfam

Intermon Oxfam is made up by people who fight with and for underprivileged populations as part of
an extensive global movement. Our main aim is to eradicate injustice and poverty, in order to make
possible for all human beings to fully exercise their rights and enjoy a decent living. Therefore, we
defend economic justice, we demand quality basic social services, we work in humanitarian action,
we boost women's rights and we support global citizenship.

Federación de Asociaciones de Mujeres Rurales

* The development and promotion of rural women, especially aiming at developing training actions that let their recipients improve both their labour and professional qualifications and their general living conditions, as well as empowering their social and labour adaptation to the transformations that are taking place in rural working conditions.
* Acting as a structure to represent the women who live and work in rural settings and belong to federated associations, for the efficient unity and coordination of actions representing their interests, primarily common socioeconomic and professional interests, with no distinction based on race, political opinions or religious beliefs.
* Demanding that administrations and public bodies put into practice political, legislative and economic measures, as well as the development of actions aimed at organising and structuring the women's groups represented, with the goal of effectively defending their interests and contributing to establishing equal working conditions and, in general, improving their quality of life.
* Acting as a consultative association that advances their claims with the public administrations for all topics that could affect the women's groups represented.
* Providing services to its federated associations.
* Staying in touch with all federations and unions of associations, unions and organisations in general, in any field, whose purposes are similar to those of the Federation.
Internationally representing the interests of the women who live and work in rural Spain, maintaining stable relationships with kindred organisations, especially European ones. Organising the solidarity of Spanish rural women to support international cooperative development programmes.
* Any other goal or purpose that can be freely decided upon by the Federation's governing bodies. Any objective or activity carried out by the Federation will have a priority orientation on effectively attaining equal opportunities.

Asociación Reforesta

Our mission is to contribute to the fight against desertification, preventing land and forest degradation. To this end, we carry out several areas of activity, including environmental education, forest conservation and restoration, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. The social aims of Reforesta are: The promotion of rural development formulas that generate and increase the quality of life of rural areas inhabitants and that are compatible with nature conservation. The fight against desertification, deforestation and erosion. The protection, recovery and management of natural areas and plant and animal species. The promotion environmental concious among the population. The implementation of activities related to the principles and objectives of international development cooperation. The promotion of gender equality, training and the integration of women into the labour market in the field of sustainable development. Facilitating the participation of people at risk of social exclusion in educational, informative, socio-labour integration and volunteering activities related to environmental protection and sustainable development. Encourage the participation of people with disabilities in activities related to the environment and sustainable development. Vocational training, job placement and job creation for people with disabilities in order to achieve their integration into the labour market in the sector of environmental protection and sustainable development. Encourage the improvement of the environmental performance of organisations both in terms of environmental management and corporate social responsibility. The promotion of intercultural dialogue for sustainable development.

Roser's fund Spain

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