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Rode Kruis (Red Cross) - Together in action for Ukraine! Fund


How nice that you want to help! Your help will provide life-saving emergency aid to as many people from Ukraine as possible. === You can donate by scanning the QR code provided by my collection box. You can pay with IDEAL, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal. instead of clicking on "Donate" button. You can request a match from your HOMEPAGE by uploading your receipt! === 1. How does the Red Cross help the people of Ukraine? Our aid workers in Ukraine are available day and night to help. Some of the things they do: - Provide first aid in places where people do not have good access to health care - Deliver medical supplies to hospitals and health centers - Distribute SIM cards so that people on the run can better keep in touch with their loved ones - People evacuate from places where there is a lot of shelling - Distribute food, drinks and hygiene products 2. Does the Red Cross only help in Ukraine or also in neighbouring countries? Our aid workers are currently standing by in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Croatia, Moldova and Lithuania. When entering these countries, people from Ukraine receive food, drink and toiletries. We also provide temporary shelter and medical and psychosocial assistance. In Moldova, the Red Cross has set up a reception center that can accommodate more than 800 people. Our aid workers in the reception centers also help to make contact with relatives of the people who are fleeing. Many have lost contact with their loved ones along the way. 3. Given the unsafe situation, can the Red Cross stay in Ukraine? We do our best for that! We work as much as possible with local aid workers. They have also been affected by the conflict, but nevertheless do everything they can to continue to provide other people with humanitarian aid. It is important that emergency workers can continue to do their work safely. In this overview you can read what we do in Ukraine. 4. Does the Red Cross also help with the reception of people from Ukraine in the Netherlands? We do indeed support the reception of people from Ukraine. For example, we set up reception locations. In addition, together with other organisations, we help to accommodate people from Ukraine with private individuals. You can read more about this in this current overview of our help here: 5. I would also like to collect money for Giro555, how can I do that? You can easily create an online collection box via the Giro555 site here: All you have to do after that is invite your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to donate. And they may also want to create a collection box themselves. Together we make the difference! Thank you!

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Rode Kruis (Red Cross) - Together in action for Ukraine! Fund

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