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Patriot Act - I Can’t Breathe Fundraiser

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Patriot Act has been one of my favorite shows since its debut. If you haven’t watched it, it is, in essence, a stand up comedy show discussing the serious problems in the world. Hasan Minhaj, the host of the show, has recently talked about the murder of George Floyd. George Floyd was a black man who had been choked to death by a police officer in Minneapolis. Floyd tried to get the policeman to stop, saying “I can’t breath”. The policeman did not listen. This sparked protests across the country and led to riots and looting in the U.S. This Fundraiser is influenced by Hasan Minhaj, and the non profits listed here are supported by Patriot Act. These nonprofits are committed to support the people who are subjected to racial discrimination and police brutality. We should have a world in which communities of color are not targeted. Donating to this fundraiser will support a group of nonprofits that are fighting for freedom and equality between all people.
Patriot Act - I Can’t Breathe Fundraiser

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