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Mother in poor health and her 2 children need help Fund

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Maria is the mother of two boys in first and fourth grade. The children are very smart, they both have excellent results in school. The mother has been separated from her husband for 6 years when he emigrated, not keeping touch with the children at all. She can't get a divorce because she can't afford the lawyer's fees. The mother has health problems, seizures, unstable blood sugar, frequent vomiting. The doctor told her that she should have a brain scan, but she cannot afford it. She works in a clothing factory, but due to her health, she only manages to work half the month and receives half the minimum wage. She did not qualify for fire wood benefits because she is not divorced from her husband, who, since he is abroad, is expected to have sufficient income. That's why they haven't had anything to warm themselves with so far this year and are left in the cold. This is our most urgent priority, because the children are frequently catching a cold. We're helping the mother get divorce and the necessary medical care, so she can be financially independent. Meanwhile we'll help with clothes, shoes, electricity and water bills, educational materials and food for a few months.
Mother in poor health and her 2 children need help Fund

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