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Global High-Impact Fund


I believe some of the biggest problems in the world today to be related to the following areas. This fund is an ever evolving fund that selects the organizations I think can have the biggest impact in those areas. This fund is not charitable per se, it's not helping a specific group of people with rare medical conditions, in poverty, etc. but instead tries to select high-impact organizations that are advancing and protecting our race and planet, whose results will have to be judged in the longer term. - FOOD: we're eating WAY more meat than is sustainable. Eating meat and farming animals for their derivative products is the #1 cause of climate change, desertification, deforestation, pollution, poverty, etc. We're giving animals 3x the amount of food that we'd need to feed the whole planet. Completely nuts. - WOMEN: I strongly believe the lack of women and moms in the workforce, government and other power positions is one of the main causes for the violence and corruption that are present in this world. - FINANCE: Not a secret that finance is broken, but it might be the easiest to fix and the most impactful tool we have to help people around the world. - EDUCATION: Most of the world is uneducated, and most of it in the western world. Fundamentalism, religion and ignorance are cause for a lot of social problems and conflicts all over the world. - ENVIRONMENT: If we continue like this, we won't make it. --- I'll gladly consider suggestions about charities I might have missed at Thanks!
Global High-Impact Fund

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