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Force for Good: Team VMware - Folding@Home Fund


VMware, via Good Gigs, is partnering with Folding@Home to modernize the F@H application platform, multi-cloud strategy, and more. The Giving Campaign is to assist Folding@Home with their software engineering and server-side hardware costs as well as buying compounds to test experimentally based on insight from our simulations. You can learn more about Folding with #TeamVMware in the slack channel #fah. To get started you can download the Fling or install natively. The VMware Team ID is 52737. Links: Folding@Home HomePage: Folding@Home Fling: Folding@Home OCTO Blog Post: Folding@Home Wavefront page Folding@Home Slack Channel #fah Folding@Home COVID-19 page:
Force for Good: Team VMware - Folding@Home Fund

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