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Promoting E-learning for Rural Kids in Sembabule Uganda Fund

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Curtin Child Learning Centre (CLICCS) is a community-based nursery & primary school located in Kibubu Nakasenyi Lwebitakuki Sembabule District that has been operating since January 2017. Like most kids in the rural areas of Uganda, the children enrolled at our school have low levels of literacy because of the inadequacy in reading materials during their early learning stages. We are aiming to resolve this using technological and digital tools in our teaching methods. We are appealing to well-wishers to support our school so we can purchase 100 E-reading tablets so the children can have access to both English and Luganda book stories (commonly-spoken native language in the Sembabule District) With the growing number of pupils , and the increasing demand to help them acquire higher literacy levels, we need to embrace digital learning; thus the need for tablets. We currently serve over 500 kids and we aim to have Tablet: Pupil ratio of 1:5(100 tablets to 500 kids.) This calls for a conducive and child-friendly E-learning environment where the children can access reading materials that match their skills and abilities, which will be further honed by our teachers. Through reading, we are hoping to improve and develop the children’s storytelling and conversational skills, their mastery of the English language, as well as build their confidence and promote teamwork among them. Help us make this happen. Together, let’s #RaiseACurtinChild.
Promoting E-learning for Rural Kids in Sembabule  Uganda Fund

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