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Bay Area Biking and Transit Advocacy Fund


Support safe streets and sustainable transportation in the Bay Area and around California

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Bike Kitchen

The purpose of the Bike Kitchen is to teach people of all ages and backgrounds how to repair bikes. We do this through weekly classes and one-on-one assistance three evenings and one Saturday each week at our all-volunteer run bike workshop.


TransForm works to create world-class public transportation and walkable communities in the Bay Area and beyond. We build diverse coalitions, influence policy and develop innovative programs to improve the lives of all people and protect the environment.

TransForm believes that: 1. All people deserve affordable, safe, and easy access to jobs, services, and nature on foot, bicycle, or public transportation; 2. People should play a central role in shaping and transforming the future of their communities; 3. Communities can become healthier and more vibrant while also nurturing the diversity and inclusion of existing residents, rather than causing displacement; 4. Growth should be directed towards existing developed areas, not our precious remaining open space; 5. We can only achieve our mission by working with people from a wide range of backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives.

San Francisco Transit Riders

San Francisco Transit Riders (SFTR) is fighting for an excellent, affordable, and growing public transit system because it is essential to the livability, sustainability, and accessibility of San Francisco.

East Bay Bicycle Coalition DBA Bike East Bay

The EBBC's volunteers and affiliated clubs successfully advocated for bicycle access on BART trains soon after we were founded in 1972. Bicyclists are also now accommodated on all local and transbay buses, ferries, local Amtrak trains, and on shuttles over bridges that do not currently offer direct access. We advocate for direct access on the seven transbay bridges that serve the East Bay counties. Much still needs to be done to improve transit access, make bikeway improvements and offer secure bicycle parking at transit and most destinations. A great deal of our efforts focus on the development of local bicycle transportation plans in the 33 cities where we represent bicyclists' interests. We further promote the formation of grassroots Bicycle Advisory Committees (BACs) to review plans and prioritize funding. The EBBC also participates in countywide and regional bicycle planning and funding.

California Mobility Fund

We advocate for equitable, inclusive, and prosperous communities where bicycling helps to enable all Californians to lead healthy and joyful lives.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Education Fund Inc

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition works to transform San Francisco's streets and neighborhoods into safe, just, and livable places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Promote the bicycle for everyday use: Empowering cyclists; organizing to address hazards; working alongside public agencies to improve infrastructure; reaching out to under-served communities; fighting for complete streets in public planning; teaching safety to cyclists and motorists.

Bay Area Biking and Transit Advocacy Fund

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